Technically, of course, he was right. Socially, he was annoying us.

Self Managed Network Attached Storage

Opinions and resources related to rolling your own storage solution.

Distribution Purity via Vultr

A chronicle of the desire to instantiate servers from distribution supplied media, running the distribution defaults, and, using full disk encryption while still achieving backups and snapshots. A multi-year journey through various service providers.

Distribution Supplied Kernel on Linode with KVM, Fedora with SELinux

Linode announced support for KVM and shortly afterwards this reference arrived. There is a single deficiency with this reference if you’re interested in running distributions that have selinux.

MPD, SystemD, SELinux, and PulseAudio

Eventual victory over the woes of a Fedora user with mpd, systemd, selinux, and pulseaudio

Poseidon’s Children, by Alastair Reynolds

An ongoing dalliance in the universes of hard science fiction author Alastair Reynolds.

System Configuration, Deviation Discomfort

tags: security, meta slug: system-configuration-deviation-discomfort authors: Andrew G. Dunn summary: I’ve had to search for these things far too man times… status: draft